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As pioneers in the space of secure and scalable blockchains, the Redbelly Blockchain team communicates regularly its discoveries at conferences around the world to share its knowledge and strengthen the security and scalability of blockchains.


Past events2022

25 October
Augusta, Georgia / USA

36th International Symposium on Distributed Computing

Accepted Paper: “Holistic Verification of Blockchain Consensus”
11 October
Rome / Italy

Meridian 2022 - The Urgency of Doing

Invited Speaker: Professor Vincent Gramoli
6 September
Sydney / Australia

48th International Conference on Very Large Databases

Panelist: Professor Vincent Gramoli University of Sydney
25 July
Salerno / Italy

ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing

Invited Speaker: Prof. Vincent Gramoli University of Sydney
22 July

The Virtual Disruptor Expo

20-22 July 2022 Find us in Crypto Alley

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