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Zealy x Redbelly


We are excited to announce our partnership with Zealy (formerly Crew3) to launch the Redbelly Network Community Quest Board.


By joining our Quest Board, you will have the opportunity to learn more about who we are, our technology and why we are a trusted alternative for transacting real-world assets on the blockchain, as well as explore new opportunities, have fun and earn rewards for completing quests.

Join the Redbelly x Zealy Quest!

How Can You Participate?

The Redbelly Quest Board will focus on a number of key areas:



  • Community Growth (Join The Community)
  • Community Outreach (Spread The Word)
  • Community Knowledge (Learn The Basics)


By completing each of the Quests within each key area, you will have the opportunity to claim an NFT from the Redbelly Limited Collection. The more NFTs in each key area that you acquire will put you in the running for receiving an allocation of the Redbelly coin (RBNT) when we list later in the year, post-Mainnet launch.

Complete quests, claim an NFT!

The Achiever
The Builder

Outside of the initial quests above, we will also be launching, either fortnightly or monthly, new Quests, and these will be broken into the following categories:


  • Additional Learning Quests

  • Engage - by joining our AMAs with follow-up Quizzes for the chance to claim another NFT.

  • Create - The ability to bring your creative skills to the next level and enter regular competitions. Specialised NFTs will be available for selected submissions in these quests.

By joining our Quest Board, we hope that you get to know more about Redbelly Network, our Unique Value Propositions, our Team, our Research and more.


Redbelly Network is excited about launching later this year as the World’s Most Trusted Open Finance Platform, which will be underpinned by Security, Speed and Identity. Giving our Partners the ability to participate in a network that will revolutionize everything we know about Web 3.

Redbelly Network Pty Ltd

304/74 Pitt St. Sydney 
NSW 2000, Australia

2nd floor, Plot 14, Aeren Building, 
IT park Chandigarh, sector 13, Chandigarh, India