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Redbelly Network Community Grants Program

Redbelly Network is thrilled to announce that we recently opened our Community Grant Program.  We are inviting our community members, innovators and developers to submit an application for their blockchain project. Whether that blockchain project has already been built, if it is in development or still in the very early stages of planning.

If you're a passionate builder seeking to shape the future of decentralised applications, look no further – the Redbelly Network Community Grant Program could be the gateway to unleashing your full potential and making your mark in the ever-expanding landscape of blockchain technology and the Redbelly Network Ecosystem.


Who should apply ?

The Community Grant Program is open to all members of our community who have a blockchain project idea that they would like to build on Redbelly. We welcome applications from individuals, corporate, government agencies, startups, non-profit organisations, and other entities that have a vision for how they can leverage Redbelly Network to create positive change in the world.


We are looking for projects that are innovative and have the potential to create significant impact in their respective fields. Applications that are proposing a new, or existing, platform that will support Compliant Asset Tokenisation, Real World and High Value Assets in regulated markets will be evaluated and weighted according to our philosophy, vision and goals.


This is an open application process and has no deadlines. However, available grants are limited. Please note that applying for a grant does not guarantee approval or allocation. You can submit multiple applications for different projects however, we encourage you to focus on only your best project idea.


Community Grant Header


What are we looking for ?

Considerations will be given to applications that will grow the developing Redbelly ecosystem with solutions that enhance our Infrastructure, bring network effect to our platform or solve problems that are in line with our philosophy, we have outlined some examples below:


      • Compliant Asset Tokenisation
      • Real World Assets
      • Central Bank Digital Currencies
      • Developer Toolkits
      • Education and Academic Research Tools
      • Explorers and Wallets


Below are examples of some use cases that we believe would benefit from Redbelly Network’s technology. It should be noted that this list is not exhaustive, but examples of the use cases we would like to explore through this Community Grant Program.


      • Financial Services (TradFi, Defi)
      • CBDC’s
      • Enabling Infrastructure
      • Digital Identity Solutions
      • Legal
      • AI

Redbelly will evaluate each project and application individually. The selection criteria will vary depending on whether the project is new, in progress or existing. Our team will be looking for projects that support our underlying philosophy. We are looking for teams that are able to execute on their strategy and support regulation and accountability, helping to enable our vision of on-chain tokenisation.


Applying for a grant is simple. All you need to do is fill out our online application form, which includes some basic information about you and your project. We encourage you to include materials such as a Pitch Deck, Token Economics Report or high level presentation that will provide weight to your application. A panel interview process will be scheduled for shortlisted applications only.

Comm Grant CTA

There are multiple grant and incentive opportunities open to our community. Some relate to social good platforms, some for innovative and new platforms that support our vision and goals and some for existing platforms looking to adopt a multichain strategy.


It should be noted that all Redbelly Grants will be paid in the Redbelly Native Coin (RBNT) and standard rules and conditions apply. All grants awarded will be based upon final selection from the Grant Committee.


At Redbelly, we believe that our Layer 1 blockchain technology has the potential to change the world, and we want to support those who share our vision. We are committed to developing a collaborative and inclusive blockchain community, and we believe that our Community Grant Program is one way we can make a difference.


For more details on Redbelly Network and our Community Grant Program please visit our Website



About the Author: Leighlah Ashmore, Head of Partnerships & Community. Leighlah has worked in Information and Technology for more than 25 years, most recently focusing on Web3 and Blockchain development in the last 4 years. She currently heads up the Partnership & Community team and is leading the charge on our Ecosystem development. 

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