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Run a Redbelly Node

Join the Future of Web3, Join the Redbelly Network.

Redbelly Network is an efficient and secure blockchain that has been designed to operate across regulated markets. We’re guided by the Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DBFT) Consensus Protocol, which ensures all transactions are conducted legitimately.

To uphold validity in our service we require Node Operators. A Node Operator’s core responsibility is helping handle the data demands within the network, as well as contributing to the decentralisation of the service. In return, when nodes relay this information the node operator is compensated with incentive rewards and/or transaction fees.

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The Redbelly Node Operator

Partners To Host Nodes
The Redbelly Network requires partners to host nodes so that the decentralisation, security and performance of the network is maintained.
Each node runs a pair of consensus-SEVM processes to support the network.
Rewards are offered to Node Operators in the form of early adopter incentives, and transaction fees.

Why run a Redbelly Node

Why run a node?
Redbelly Node Operators have access to a variety of incentives based on their level of involvement as an affiliate. Node hosts are reimbursed in native coins from a dedicated allocation.
Transaction Fees
% of Transaction Fees
Redbelly nodes have the potential to support a high number of transactions on a high performance network. Node operators are incentivised with a portion of gas fees, paid in the native coin, derived from fixed gas costs on the network.
Purpose & Value
Becoming a Redbelly Node Operator will allow you to participate in this innovative and disruptive technology that will revolutionise the adoption of blockchain technology as we know it. Be part of the solution and apply to be a Node Operator today.

What is the Selection Process?

The Application Process
To get started, click through the link below to or scroll down to the bottom of the page to access and complete the application form required. This form will require you to input details such as your name, email and other information through the drop bar options provided.
Selection Criteria
Applicants will be selected based upon their previous experience, location and commitment to the Redbelly Project.
Successful Applicants
Applicants will be notified by email on the outcome of their application. Successful applicants will receive full details of the Program and Incentives and next steps.
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Technical Requirements

Network Requirements

40 Mbps bandwidth with stable connection

Low latency circuit to carrier (e.g. fibre optic) that supports a round trip time of 200 milliseconds to peered nodes

Network segmentation/de-militarised zone from all other networks

Inbound TCP ports 8545, 8546, 1111 and 1888.

Server Specifications

Virtual or physical

8 x CPU (or vCPU)


1TB Available Storage

Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04


Node operator to be responsible for hardware, virtualisation (if applicable) and operating system, and for its updates.

Node operator to be responsible for updates to the Redbelly software.

If the Node Operator would like Redbelly support, Redbelly would require access to the node.

Submissions now closed.


Thank for your interest in our Node Operator Program. We have been overwhelmed with responses and will now take some time to work through them.

If you are a professional Node Operator organisation or have expert experience (more than 3 years), please detail that experience, including your personal details, in an email to and we may consider including you in the program.

Please join our community channels for updates on when we will open Node Operator submissions in the future.

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