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The World's Only Public Purpose-Built
Real-World Asset Tokenisation Platform


C.A.T. = Compliant Asset Tokenisation

Compliant Asset Tokenisation

C.A.T. Technology Features

Redbelly CAT Finality


- Unique consensus protocol using D.B.F.T. principles
- Collaborative Superblock = instant transaction finality
- 100% of transactions committed to chain, with no loss
- The world's only formally verified blockchain consensus
- Backed by science from University of Sydney and CSIRO
Redbelly CAT ACcountabilty


- Open, public network but with full Accountability
- Layer 1 ID verification - Verified Credentials + ZKP
- All users authenticated before transacting on the chain
- PII remains protected, securely stored in digital wallets.
- Confidence for markets and their users through compliance
Redbelly CAT Security


- Non-forking to prevent hacking and attacks
- Massive reduction in block manipulation risks
- Real-time fraud detection across entire network
- Continuous network intrusion and tolerance testing
- Open, public network infrastructure with high security
Redbelly CAT Throughput


- Lab-proven speed up to 660,000+ TPS
- 10,000+ TPS under real-world DApp workloads
- 100% of transactions committed to the chain, no loss
- EVM compatibility and global scalability across network
- Purpose-built for Real-World Asset Tokenisation use cases
Redbelly CAT Compliant Composibility

Compliant Composibility

- Combines Accountability + Composable Compliance
- Accomodates diverse, different global KYC regulations
- Identity layer also integrates qualifications and licensing
- Users can design, code compliance at the transaction level
- Flexibility to adapt approach to evolving jurisdictional rules

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Devnet is Live!

Redbelly Network Devnet with ID is live.

Start building new products for new markets today.

All the information you need is on our Vine developer portal.


Scientific Research

Redbelly is unique in that the science came first.

The conception, creation and development of the Redbelly Network followed rigorous scientific method, years of careful, methodical, peer-reviewed, published and proven research.

The Redbelly Network: Whitepaper

DBFT: Efficient Leaderless Byzantine Consensus

Redbelly: A Secure, Fair and Scalable Open Blockchain

Network Roadmap

Q3 2023

Launch Devnet

Launch Go-To-Market Strategy

Q4 2023

Launch Devnet with ID Connect and Zero Knowledge Proof
  • ID Connect framework enabled (Sept)
  • Devnet with Zero Knowledge Proof (Dec)
  • Ecosystem onboarding (ongoing)
  • Strategic Investor Round (Sept)

Q1 2024


Public Sale

Listing of RBNT

  • Mainnet Launch (Q1 2024)
  • Contract privacy (Feb-Mar)
  • Onboard users and register ID (Q1 2024)
  • Public Sale (Q1 2024)
  • Token available on Exchanges (Q1 2024)

Future Releases

  • SDKs and wrappers to enable partners
  • Support for additional token standards
  • Continued accountability development
  • Further Upgrades

Redbelly Network Pty Ltd

304/74 Pitt St. Sydney 
NSW 2000, Australia

2nd floor, Plot 14, Aeren Building, 
IT park Chandigarh, sector 13, Chandigarh, India