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Accountable web3 infrastructure for high value assets in regulated markets

The enforceability and social license of regulated markets and the speed and efficiency of blockchain, for the very first time.

Strategic Advisory

A better way to transact

Redbelly removes the technical barriers that for years undermined mainstream blockchain adoption: Now you can build on a stable platform you trust.

Greater certainty

Redbelly was built to provide certainty in the regulated asset world by offering known counterparties and real time monitoring. Our users can also rely on fixed transaction costs, agreed terms, and certified data. Everyone in the Redbelly ecosystem is known and accountable.

The best of both worlds

Redbelly allows the adoption of blockchain for real, regulated assets because it is the best of both worlds – providing legally enforceable, regulated consumer protections while also being open, faster, and more efficient than other blockchains.

Fork-free guarantee

Redbelly is guaranteed to be fork-proof, ridding the ecosystem of blockchain’s most persistent fraud loophole. Our users can transact at thousands of transactions per second through secure shared infrastructure, cheaply and efficiently. Settlement is instant, consensus is proven, and our technology is built to constantly monitor the network so that any bad actors will be instantly identified and held accountable.

Accountability is our DNA

All participants on The Redbelly Network are identified through our network of off-chain digital identity providers.


Network participants use their real-world identity to transact


Agreements are enforceable by law and compliant with regulation


On-chain actions are held accountable through Proof-of-fraud.

Hyper Personalisation

Hyper personalisation

This is the future of products and services. Redbelly allows for the creation of a rich digital profile of your customers, so you can deliver products and services that are exactly the right fit, at the right time, for the right price. The opportunities are endless, and some examples include:

  • Financial advice
  • Insurance and lending
  • Institutional and sophisticated unlisted investment products

Bridging today and tomorrow

Right now, the digital economy and the real economy are running in parallel, with no successful integrations of the two. Redbelly provides the first ecosystem where digital assets and assets in a regulated market can be handled the same way, opening the door to tomorrow’s web3 economy. This reimagining could look like:

  • Wallets where digital and real assets sit side-by-side with real fungibility
  • Real-time real estate transactions
  • A transparent, efficient residential mortgage-backed securities market

Better, smarter data

Redbelly transforms the way its users interact with data. From the way they use third-party data to underpin agreements, to creating rich data landscapes around individual customers to serve them better, Redbelly gives more power to every actor in the value chain.

  • Use of third-party data agreed in advance and held to account, delivering new straight-through transparency 
  • Every actor owns their data and makes informed choices about its utility
  • A new level of value co-creation between companies and customers, powering the hyperpersonalised innovations

Discover Redbelly’s
Use Cases

Redbelly can power the development of almost any industry and is ready to deploy in an almost infinite universe of real-world applications.


RMBS Project

Redbelly will partner with one of Australia's leading banks to provide our first fiat payment gateway to the network, allowing us to program real money and issue stablecoins.  The first use case under development is the issuance of Residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS), with partner ‘AMAL Trustees’ maintaining the ledger.  Initial phase goes live in July 2022.   



Hutly - Real Estate Contracts

Hutly are building a digital assets platform for property, they currently have over 900,000 properties on the platform which represents $18B in annual rent. Hutly will tokenise these agreements for the purpose of securitising and trading rent rolls on platform. Hutly’s living contract will connect all of the stakeholders under contract, automating many of their rights and obligations; leveraging the immutable audit trail to greatly reduce the friction and disputes encountered.


Scientific Research

Redbelly is unique in that the science came first. The conception, creation and development of Redbelly followed rigorous scientific method - we didn’t rush to market chasing a big idea and developing on the go. Our ecosystem sits atop years of careful, methodical, peer-reviewed, published and proven research.

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