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Compliant Asset Tokenisation (C.A.T.)

Regulated real world assets on the Blockchain?
Meet the world's first C.A.T. platform.

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Devnet is Live!

Redbelly Network Devnet with ID is live.

Start building new products for new markets today.

All the information you need is on our Vine developer portal.

The Future of Real World Asset Trading

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Science Partners

Compliant Asset Tokenisation powered by a revolutionary blockchain, supported by the Australian Government, University of Sydney and CSIRO.

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Scientific Research

Redbelly is unique in that the science came first.

The conception, creation and development of the Redbelly Network followed rigorous scientific method, years of careful, methodical, peer-reviewed, published and proven research.

The Redbelly Network: Whitepaper

DBFT: Efficient Leaderless Byzantine Consensus

Redbelly: A Secure, Fair and Scalable Open Blockchain

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