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Compliant Asset Tokenisation is built on a scientifically proven blockchain technology.


Join our team and let's push these limits further, together.

We believe that to win in the marketplace, you need to first win at the workplace. At Redbelly Network, our people are our most treasured asset and the foundation on which we have built our company.


Our 'people goal' is to attract, develop, engage and retain the best talent in the market and to ensure they are equipped to deliver value. We seek to recruit the right talent and nurture them into confident and empowered professionals who can work in a fast-moving and dynamic environment, and help them to fulfil their professional aspirations.


Our Values

  • People not Title
  • Fierce Curiosity
  • Solid Together
  • Unwavering Integrity
  • Find a Way


Equal Opportunity Employer

As a business, Redbelly Network is fully committed to promoting equal opportunities for all employees and job applicants. It is our belief that diversity and inclusion are crucial lead to a more productive and innovative work environment, and we strive to create a culture where everyone is valued for their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives.


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Senior Software Engineer x 3

Chandigarh, India

Senior Software Engineer x 3

At Redbelly, we aspire for a world where everyone, everywhere, has equal access to the economic infrastructure they need to improve their lives and are hard at work building our revolutionary open finance platform built on distributed ledger technology to deliver on that vision. Our purpose is to make financial relationships fair, efficient and useful for everyone. We aim to make distributed ledger technology consumable to users and businesses in meaningful ways that improve the way they transact.

At the heart of the Redbelly platform lies our novel Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerant (DBFT) consensus algorithm developed under the leadership of our CTO, Associate Professor Dr Vincent Gramoli, in collaboration with The University of Sydney and CSIRO’s Data61.

While we are immensely proud of our achievements to date which, among others, include an unprecedented consensus performance of 100,000 TPS with 100 nodes tolerating up to 33 byzantine nodes, a deterministic consensus translating to quasi-finality and a highly secure blockchain that does not fork, our gaze remains firmly on the future and on the numerous leading edge technological challenges we will have to overcome in order to realise our ambition.

To make this possible, we see ourselves first and foremost as a product company where passionate product, engineering and delivery people work and ideate collaboratively as part of autonomous product teams to unleash the full potential of our technology to solve real-world problems for real businesses through captivating user experiences.

If you are looking to make a meaningful and positive change in the world by working with cutting-edge technology to bring fairness and innovation to financial relationships that impact everyone, this is the place to be.


The Role

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will bring thought leadership to and champion best practices in every aspect of Software Development at Redbelly. You will provide support to the Software Engineering Lead by coaching and mentoring junior members of your team to ensure that they always perform to their highest potential. To be effective in this role you will need extensive hands-on experience in a broad range of technical disciplines and good leadership skills.

You will be part of a product team and must be comfortable working alongside product managers and designers to solve real user problems in both discovery and delivery phases of product development.

Reporting to the Software Engineering Lead, in this role you will be responsible for:

  • Coaching and mentoring members of your team as part of your daily routine to help them develop the hard skills they need to perform their roles and grow in their careers
  • Assisting the Software Engineering Lead by providing technical expertise during grooming and work breakdown workshops focused on defining and estimating technical tasks needed to implement prioritised user and technical stories
  • Your team meeting Redbelly’s defined quality standards - as such, you will be expected to proactively keep yourself abreast of Redbelly’s standards and monitor the quality of the work produced by junior members of your team
  • Providing input into Redbelly’s development standards to ensure they are continually improved and remain fit for purpose
  • Keeping your technical skills up to date through your preferred learning style
  • Use your extensive technical skills to contribute to solution design and implement user and technical stories to meet agreed acceptance criteria


Essential Skills

  • A computer science (or equivalent) degree and have held at least one senior software engineering role working on a technically challenging project or product
  • A proven track record with modern agile and engineering practices including conducting code reviews and providing feedback on component design, code quality and effective use of design patterns
  • Expert-level knowledge of at least one programming language, testing framework, cloud computing platform and CI/CD technology
  • Proficient with at least one end-to-end software development stack (e.g. MEAN, LAMP)
  • Able to demonstrate the following key competencies among others:
    • Willingness to coach and develop junior members of your team
    • Clear communication skills, and the ability to convey complex concepts and ideas simply and concisely
    • Ability to set clearly defined work and development objectives and target dates for self with a focus on results to be achieved in the context of your team, department and the overall organisation
    • Constructive and respectful contribution to all team activities with a focus on achievement of agreed objectives


Desirable Skills

  • Previous experience working in the blockchain and Web3.0 industry


Tools we use:

  • Miro
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • VSCode
  • Githu


Redbelly is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage everyone from all backgrounds to apply. To apply, please email your expression of interest and resume to

Hiring Process

1st Round of interviews:
During this round we will focus on candidates' technical accomplishments to date as described in their resume with the aim of ascertaining how well these translate to the requirements of our role. We will schedule 30 minutes for this round which, although not mandatory, we would prefer candidates to attend in person from our Chandigarh office.

2nd Round of interviews:
This round is intended to give us the opportunity to carry out an in depth evaluation of candidates' technical credentials and abilities. During this round we will test candidates' ability to apply their experience, knowledge and skills to solve technical problems they are likely to face in the role they are applying for. We will schedule 90 minutes for this round which, although not mandatory, we would prefer candidates to attend in person from our Chandigarh office.

3rd Round of interviews:
Candidates will be asked to complete an online psychometric test. The result of this test is key to our evaluation of the candidates' competencies and cultural fit. This test usually takes roughly 60 minutes and can be completed remotely.

4th Round of interviews:
While the first two rounds are primarily focused on evaluating candidates' hard skills, the final round aims at testing key competencies that candidates will need to be effective in the role they are applying for. At Redbelly, we are very proud of our culture and values and will also use this round to check for fit against these. We will schedule 60 minutes for this round which, although not mandatory, we would prefer candidates to attend in person from our Chandigarh office.

Thank you for your interest

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