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Why Build Your Blockchain Project On Redbelly Network?

Blockchain technology has come a long way since its inception in 2009. As the technology has evolved, so too have the demands of businesses and developers looking to leverage the power of blockchain in various use cases and blockchain projects.

However, with so many different blockchain platforms available, it can take time to determine which one is best suited to a particular blockchain project. 

This blog will explore why Redbelly Network is a groundbreaking option for developers and ecosystem partners looking to build blockchain projects or to incorporate decentralisation in existing applications for transparency, immutability and enabling users to have self-custody of assets.

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1. Fast and Highly Scalable

One of the critical features of Redbelly Network is its high-speed transaction processing capabilities. Diablo benchmarking has seen Redbelly Network outperform Algorand, Avalanche, Diem, Quorum and Solana on real workloads. Redbelly Network is highly scalable and ensures that users never have to wait for their transactions to complete on any blockchain project in the Redbelly ecosystem, even during high-demand periods. The speed is faster than many existing payment networks, making Redbelly Network an ideal choice for Web3 developers and businesses looking for fast and reliable transactions in building their blockchain projects.


2. Near Instant Finality and No Fork Guarantee

Redbelly offers near-instant finality, with no chance of forking or rollbacks, meaning that a transaction on any blockchain project in the Redbelly ecosystem is confirmed within seconds. Once a transaction is confirmed, it will never roll back. This guarantee ensures complete trust and reliability, making it ideal for high-value use cases where there is no room for error and time is of the essence.


3. The Only Formally Verified Blockchain Consensus Protocol

Redbelly Network uses a consensus protocol that experts in computer science have formally verified. Meaning that the consensus protocol has undergone rigorous testing and is secure as well as reliable. This formal verification is essential for businesses and blockchain projects that require high levels of security and reliability in their applications.


4. Predictable and Constant Gas Fee

Gas fees are a common pain point for users of blockchain projects on Ethereum and other blockchains, as they can vary widely depending on network demand. With Redbelly Network, gas fees are predictable and constant (calculated in USD and not in native tokens), meaning that users, developers and businesses never need to worry about paying more when the network is in demand. This assures users, developers and businesses that their transaction costs will remain constant and predictable, making it easier to budget when planning for blockchain projects.

Why Build Blockchain Projects On Redbelly



5. EVM Compatible

Redbelly Network is EVM compatible, meaning developers do not need to learn a new language to build on the Redbelly Network and can use Solidity and other Ethereum focused tools as well. This makes adding support for the Redbelly Network ecosystem to existing applications, blockchain projects and platforms that are seeking a multichain strategy, easy.


6. Native Key Recovery Support

Redbelly Network offers native key recovery support, which ensures that users can recover their keys in the event of a loss or theft. This feature provides added security for users and blockchain projects and makes it an attractive option for businesses that require high levels of security and protection for their assets.


7. Native User Identity Requirement

Redbelly Network has a native user identity requirement, ensuring that all network users are known and compliant. This feature provides added security and ensures that high-value applications and blockchain projects can be built on the network, bringing decentralisation to real-world use cases.


8. Focused on Real-World, High-Value Use Cases

Unlike many other blockchains, which often focus on speculative trading and cryptocurrencies, Redbelly Network focuses on real-world, high-value assets in regulated markets. This makes Redbelly Network an ideal choice for businesses, enterprises and blockchain projects requiring a secure, decentralised platform for asset management, as well as trading and settlement services. Tokenisation of such assets will now be possible while making sure all required compliances are in place, making Redbelly Network the trusted blockchain for real world asset tokenisation.

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In conclusion, Redbelly Network is the World’s ONLY Public Purpose-Built Real-World Asset Tokenisation Platform.. It is ideally suited for real-world high-value assets in regulated markets. As such, it is a perfect platform for developers and ecosystem partners who want to build decentralised applications and blockchain projects that are fast, secure and compliant. With its verified consensus mechanism, native key recovery support, user identity requirement and EVM compatibility, Redbelly Network is poised to become the leading blockchain for the next generation of Web3 applications and other blockchain projects.

Submit an application to our Community Grants Program if you are passionate about Redbelly, and have innovative ideas for projects geared toward Real World Asset tokenisation or that could make a positive impact on society and contribute to our Ecosystem.

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