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Deepak Jha:



Technical AMA Transcript

Full transcript of our Technical AMA session with Professor Vincent Gramoli hosted on Telegram 6 December 2022.  

Redbelly Announces World’s First Verified Consensus Protocol

The Australian-made blockchain has become the first blockchain in history to have its Consensus Protocol – the heart of blockchain security – formally verified, as its work on accountability wins global acclaim.

Redbelly Network Welcomes New Investors

Redbelly Network, the Australian blockchain ecosystem has welcomed seven new investors as part of its ongoing Series A round.

Redbelly Network announces Board of Directors

The Australian-made blockchain has recruited a new Board as its Series A funding round comes to a close.

Redbelly Blockchain spins out of University of Sydney and CSIRO

Redbelly Blockchain, an Australian blockchain developed by the University of Sydney and CSIRO, has spun out as a commercial enterprise, Redbelly Network, in a joint venture with blockchain venture studio Block8.

New Research Targets a Big Worry for Some Blockchains: Double-Spent Transactions

A trio of researchers say they've discovered a way to detect and punish dishonest blockchain participants, according to a paper published at the end of May.

CSIRO and the University of Sydney's Redbelly Blockchain breaks new ground for speed

The University of Sydney and CSIRO's Data61 say they have successfully created a blockchain that can process a mass amount of transactions significantly more quickly than public blockchains, such as the one behind bitcoin.

High Costs, Headaches And Hidden Money Pits Of Healthcare Combated By Blockchain

Few things in life are less empowering than being ill. Not only is there physical discomfort, but there is the unsettling uncertainty of if, when or how we will get well. 

Australia’s Science Agency Scales 30,000 Txs/s on First Global Trial of its Red Belly Blockchain

A blockchain developed by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, in collaboration with the University of Sydney, has completed a global test on Amazon’s ubiquitous cloud computing network to process 30,000 transactions

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