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Redbelly and Liquidise Announce Deal to Tokenise $800M in Unlisted Private Equity

AUSTRALIA, 11 January 2024

Redbelly Network is proud to announce a pivotal partnership with Liquidise, aimed at using tokenisation to transform the unlisted private equity market. Liquidise is set to issue tokens for over $800 million in equities on the Redbelly Network, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and expansion.

This collaboration leverages Liquidise’s robust shareholder management platform and its network of 15,000 investors. It provides many of the benefits of public listing to private companies with the additional unique differentiator of guaranteed liquidity. Liquidise eliminates the hassle and expense, whilst streamlining access to capital without the downsides of being listed.

What This Means for the Market:

● Tokenisation for $800 million in Equities: The issuance of tokens for over $800m in unlisted equities on the Redbelly Network underscores the practical utility and vast potential of blockchain technology. This move opens avenues for enhanced composability, allowing for innovative financial activities like lending and borrowing against these assets, thereby enhancing their liquidity and functionality.

● A Trusted Network: Liquidise’s unique investments and secure, licensed liquidity platform are now complemented by Redbelly’s scalable and accountable network. This integration not only facilitates greater access to equity and instant cash settlements, but also introduces a reliable framework for leveraging these assets in broader financial activities. This may include secured lending and flexible borrowing options, thereby enhancing liquidity and utility for owners, investors, and employees.

● Broader Access, Greater Possibilities: The partnership significantly widens the scope for investors to tap into the value of private companies. It’s not just about diversifying portfolios; it’s about creating a dynamic environment where these assets can be actively utilised for lending, borrowing, and creating more fluid capital markets, thereby fostering a more inclusive and innovative financial ecosystem.

Looking Ahead:

As we integrate these assets with Redbelly’s upcoming Mainnet launch, our combined focus will be on ensuring seamless transactions, robust security, and unmatched market access. This significant step not only highlights Redbelly Network’s ability to provide a network of known and trusted participants but also to the transformative power of blockchain in revolutionising Real World Asset trading.

Keep an eye on our journey as we pave the way for a more inclusive and efficient financial future. Together, Liquidise and Redbelly are setting a new benchmark for what’s possible in the world of Real World Assets. 

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About Redbelly Network:

Redbelly is the world’s only public purpose-built Real-World Asset Tokenisation Network. Open, fast, scalable, cost effective and natively compatible with assets in regulated markets.

Redbelly Network was developed by the University of Sydney and CSIRO in 2018 to solve issues that have plagued previous generations of blockchain systems including the environmental impact from significant energy use and double spending. It sets itself apart from all other blockchains with its advanced technology in crypto security mechanisms.

Redbelly Network’s Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution serves as a bridge between the regulated economy and the web3 economy, ensuring accountability, scalability, and security. With its formally verified Blockchain protocol and identity verification, Redbelly stands as a pioneer in the blockchain space, offering a solution that combines the best of both worlds — real-world regulation and the efficiency of web3 technology.

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Tim Bass, Director and Chief Growth Officer

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