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The World's Only Public Purpose-Built
Real-World Asset Tokenisation Platform


Liquidise and Redbelly partner to tokenise
$500M of private equity.

Hutly and Redbelly
partner to tokenise
$1.8B of rent rolls.

Projected to be #5 in Global RWA TVL by Q3 2024*.

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* Quoted $ figures are USD, sourced from

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Devnet is Live!

Redbelly Network Devnet with ID is live.

Start building new products for new markets today.

All the information you need is on our Vine developer portal.

Science Partners

Compliant Asset Tokenisation powered by a revolutionary blockchain, supported by the Australian Government, University of Sydney and CSIRO.

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Latest Blogs

Read our latest insights into Compliant Asset Tokenisation, Blockchain, the Digital Economy and Web3.

Tesserent and Hashlock Security Audit Results Announced

Redbelly recently engaged Blockchain experts Hashlock and Tesserent to perform expert validation and testing of our...

Redbelly completes Tesserent security audit, working towards Testnet launch on 31 May 2024

At Redbelly we believe expert validation and testing is vital to building a network everyone can trust to trade high...

Hutly partners with Redbelly Network to tokenise $1.8B USD in Rent Rolls

AUSTRALIA, 22 February 2024

$1.8B USD of tokenised Rent Rolls are coming to the Redbelly Network in 2024.

How Redbelly Delivers Compliant Composability For RWA Tokenisation

How Redbelly Delivers Compliant Composability For RWA Tokenisation

Compliance and blockchain are two words you don’t often hear in the same sentence, and when you do, they usually don't...

Throughput and Solving the Blockchain Trilemma on the Redbelly Network

Throughput and Solving the Blockchain Trilemma on the Redbelly Network

Transaction throughput is a term ascribed to the number of successful transactions completed on a blockchain per...


Scientific Research

Redbelly is unique in that the science came first.

The conception, creation and development of the Redbelly Network followed rigorous scientific method, years of careful, methodical, peer-reviewed, published and proven research.

The Redbelly Network: Whitepaper

DBFT: Efficient Leaderless Byzantine Consensus

Redbelly: A Secure, Fair and Scalable Open Blockchain

Investors and Advisors

Redbelly Network Pty Ltd

304/74 Pitt St. Sydney 
NSW 2000, Australia

2nd floor, Plot 14, Aeren Building, 
IT park Chandigarh, sector 13, Chandigarh, India