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A ground-breaking Australian solution to a trillion-dollar problem

Redbelly Network is proud to announce a revolutionary new way of tokenising high value assets in regulated markets through its Compliant Asset Tokenisation (CAT) solution.


By focusing on the dual foundations of composability and accountability to ensure responsibility in distributed systems, Redbelly puts trustworthy technology at the heart of its Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution.


Using world-first technology, the Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution enables democratised access, boosts liquidity, choice and efficiency for regulated asset markets and investors throughout the world. Traditional blockchain issues of delayed finality, anonymity, security holes and limited throughput have been solved, creating compliant block space for on-chain tokenisation of high value regulated assets.


“Compliant Asset Tokenisation allows companies to build markets around both real world and digital assets, providing more growth, less cost and less risk than traditional blockchain solutions,” says Warren Billington, CEO of Redbelly Network.


Compliant Asset Tokenisation has the potential to enable the tokenisation of $100T+ in assets in global capital markets, providing equitable global access for people and businesses, says Prof. Vincent Gramoli, CTO of Redbelly Network.


“The ultimate goal of a decentralised global financial network that supports the digitisation of these assets through tokenisation and trading has not yet been sustainably achieved – there hasn’t been a suitable blockchain solution, until now. That’s why we’re so excited about Compliant Asset Tokenisation,” says Prof. Gramoli.


Redbelly’s Executive Chairman Alan Burt said the solution was ground-breaking.


“Our Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution uses Web3 technology to solve practical real-world problems, in a compliant way, for a multi-trillion-dollar market – it’s a huge deal,” he says.


Why is this blockchain project different?



Compliant Asset Tokenisation is designed to meet current and future global regulation, and removes the barriers of risks and compliance, common problems on traditional blockchains. It can be proved out alongside existing systems and is secure, scalable and fast. 


Underpinning Redbelly’s Compliant Asset Tokenisation is:

  • Finality - Instant transaction execution with zero loss through forking
  • Accountability - ID through verified credentials and Zero-Knowledge Proof 
  • Security - Resistance to forking and intrusion attacks vs. other layer 1s.
  • Throughput - max TPS of 660,000 in lab testing, committing 100% of transactions to chain.
  • Compliant Composability - Compliance programmed at the transaction execution layer, providing governance control and flexibility across different asset classes. 


Redbelly Network’s blockchain provides high levels of data quality and can act as an auditable single source of truth. EVM compatibility with known fees, it is is also suitable for multi-chain strategies.

It outperforms traditional blockchains on real-world use cases and workloads in Diablo benchmarking. It is open, fast, cost effective and natively compatible with assets in regulated markets. 


Redbelly is the bridge between today’s regulated economy and tomorrow’s web3 economy.


“We believe that web3 can solve real world problems and that Compliant Asset Tokenisation is the best way of doing this. Allowing equitable access to new asset markets is good for web3 and good for the world,” says Warren Billington.


This is an amazing time to be part of the Redbelly Network community. Join us to be first in the know.


Find out more about Redbelly's Compliant Asset Tokenisation Solution (C.A.T.)

Watch videos explaining C.A.T. with Vincent Gramoli and Warren Billington

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