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VINE Portal for Redbelly Developer Tools

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Within the VINE Portal, you will have access to relevant information relating to Redbelly Programs including support portals, documentation, binaries, SDKs, wrappers, and more. Note that some support portals may be gated for approved community members only.


Network Nodes



To maintain the integrity of our services, Redbelly requires a diverse and Geo located coverage of approved Node Operators. As a Node Operator, your primary duty is to manage the data requirements within the network and contribute to its decentralisation. In recognition of your valuable contribution, you will receive incentive rewards and/or transaction fees.

Why Run a Redbelly Node

Redbelly Node Operators have access to a variety of incentives based on their level of involvement. Incentives will be paid in RBNT from a dedicated allocation.
Transaction Fees
Node Operators are incentivised with a portion of gas fees, paid in RBNT, derived from fixed gas costs on the network.
Purpose & Value
Becoming a Redbelly Node Operator will allow you to participate in this innovative and disruptive technology that will revolutionise the adoption of blockchain technology as we know it.

Already approved to run a node?

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If your Node Operator application was successful, visit our Support Portal to gain access to technical documentation and downloads to help you get started. 

Join the Redbelly Devnet Beta Program

We are excited to introduce the Redbelly Devnet Beta Program. A crucial step in testing the stability, performance, and security of our codebase in preparation for Mainnet Launch.

Redbelly Devnet Beta is a dedicated short-lived testing environment comprised of geographically distributed nodes hosted by Redbelly and its community of Node Operators for the sole purpose of helping us identify and address any potential issues, glitches, or vulnerabilities related to:

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Rigorous stress testing and simulations will validate the robustness of our systems. We will leverage this environment to test key features such as network reconfiguration.
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We intend to use our Devnet Beta to fine-tune and optimise our platform’s performance and assess its responsiveness, scalability, and efficiency under varying workloads.
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We value any feedback about any problems or issues detected and will keep monitoring our network to strengthen the security of our system

Our Devnet Beta Program will run between 31 May 2023 and 31 July 2023.

We would like to invite our Community members to join the Devnet Beta and help us on our quest to test our platform in the areas described above. Click on the link below to our Devnet Beta portal, where you will find more details on how to join and how to provide feedback to our team.

Together, let’s shape the future of Redbelly.

Network Development Dashboard

Click the image below to see daily updates on our Network Development Dashboard.

Devnet Dashboard

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